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July Tip For Packing


When you are using cardboard boxes and then stacking them, they look solid and sturdy at first and they may even stack well.  Over time the walls will break down and sag, this often causes the stacks to topple. Not only can your items get damaged, if the boxes are close to the door they can land and lean on it where it’s very difficult to get it open.


The best strategy for using cardboard boxes is to just slightly overpack them.  If you are packing books, stop when they are just a little above the box rim and tape the lid flaps with strong tape.  You want to see to it that the boxes are as full as possible so there aren’t empty pockets that can allow the walls to break down. 

If you have items that are delicate that you want to wrap and pack alone, then label the box so you will know it needs to be placed on top of the stacks.  Boxes that have potential to break down and sag need to go on the top. That way of any do break down and sag, there won’t be as many to topple.


Try to choose the most sturdy boxes you can find. 


Some think plastic bins with lids are the solution to the box problem and they do have advantages as well as their own issues.  Bigger is not always better. The bigger the bin, the more flexible it will be and even with the lid on it, if there is enough weight pressure resting on it, it will bow the walls out and the lid will cave in.  The smaller and more sturdy the bin the better. Lids that lock at the handles also have an extra protection against the walls bowing. 


If you keep your items stored for an extended period of time you will want to check the condition of your storage containers occasionally for signs of dryrot.  Cardboard will rip apart when you pick it up and plastics will crack and crumble.

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